Saturday, June 25, 2011

Half Truths

We talk allot about lying and gossiping but what about misleading others with half truths.
Recently I read about how a certain lawyer was upset with the work of a kind local priest and his helper at a Tornado Assistance Warehouse in Southbridge Mass.
When a Tornado hit their town on June the first,being a good and caring Priest,he jump in to help by starting a collection and distribution point for donated food items,in his church hall.
As the need became greater,a near by warehouse offered to allow it self to be used so many more could be helped.
Several weeks passed,and it became apparent that the number of tornado victims were dwindling but those willing to take advantage of the system,were increasing.
With help becoming short and need less,it was decided that the local food bank could more efficiently distribute what was left.
Now as with any intriguing story of goodness comes the villain,who feels that the decisions made were inappropriate because he could not be the hero,so the time had come to rock the boat of happiness.
In this story the evil town official,who belongs to a certain fire precinct,decides its time to get the police involved and file Fraud charges and of course involve a lawyer,who,by the way, is more then happy to use such words to describe said assistant of the ware house as unemployed,out of state and lawyer,just to grab the attention needed to derail this priest on face book and attempt to defame both of their characters.
Trying to turn a good deed into something much less,with the simple use of key words,causing the readers to doubt the innocence and true intent of both involved.
I have come to the conclusion that half truths are probably more harmful then full lies,because we leave only the necessary parts for conviction and suspicion in while deleting the entire story,thus killing a character.
Trust me I have nothing against Lawyers,but it has been noticed by me,that they do have a tendency to artfully use such language in an attempt to gain the advantage.
Jesus talks about loving our brothers and says that we are not to bear false witness against them.
This was so important to God that he placed it as a law in the Ten Commandments,thus making it a command not a suggestion.
Half truths are just that,the bearing of false witness told by one person to another in order to miss lead the hearers thought process,thus leaving the victim no defense,since what is being said is partial yet truthful.
The destruction occurs to ones character because only the negative words mentioned about the victim now stick in the hearers mind.
A word like fraud is hard to shake even when proven innocent with the real facts.
You know the devil works in terrible ways,when ever you are doing good he will attack and do whatever damage he can in what ever way he can.
Your job is to stand up and fight back while still maintaining love for the person who attacked you.
In the Bible there is a passage where Jesus is talking about having to go into the city and how they will kill him,Peter says something to the effect of him not going but Jesus tells him "Get behind me Satan."
Jesus did not mean that Peter was Satan,he meant that the evil one was speaking through Peter.
Satan does these things.
He will tempt you with everything he can and when you will not fall he will use the ones around you to help push you down,including those closest to you.
What can you do in the face of such evil and slander?
You must stand up and bring it to the light.
The evil one loves the darkness because the possibilities are endless in that realm.
Our minds can play terrible tricks on us but once something is brought to the light it is made clean and what we thought was horrible really is only a squabble.
Sometimes bad things happen to us to show us just how much support we really have all around us.
It puts our friends and family in a position to show how strong they are for us and how united they can be with us in times of pain,sorrow or trouble.

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