Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food, Weight And Faith

Muscle weighs more then fat,at least that's what they tell me.
Seems for the past three mornings I have gotten out of bed,gone to the bathroom and weighted myself only to find another pound steering back at me.
Personally I think the scale has an issue because heaven knows it can't be me.
My week has been a busy one,what with sweeping the church walk ways,mowing the grass and general house work,tell me how does one have time to put on weight?
OK now true eating better food would help relieve me of some tonnage,but even low fat frozen yogurt,when eaten in mass quantities is still useless calories.
The Bible say that our body is a temple,well this one is in some major need of over haul.
Food is a wonderful thing and we live in a country that spends way to much time hoarding then denying ourselves of its pleasures.
I remember reading a book called "Angela's Ashes",about this poor Irish family whose children,while growing up, never got enough to eat.
One day the eldest son hears how people in America actually diet and restrain the amount of food they eat because they have to much.
Reading that sure puts a light this subject.
We are a nation of plenty and enjoy ever morsel we can get our hands on.
I know more people on diet restrictions related to health or well being issues,then I know people who truly go hungry form lack of access to food.
Some times on weekends,the nurse on third shift will talk to me about the years she grew up in Kenya and how many children there are lucky to get one bowl of oatmeal or cereal in an entire day.
Funny how we have so much and they so little,I hate to say this but even our own poor and hungry people in this nation do no know what its like to go with out,like people in other countries do.
Here we can always find someone somewhere who will help our situation,be it church or government agency.
If you knocked on any churches door,saying "I'm hungry" most would feed you.
Weeks ago while at my hairdressers,we got on the subject of religion and land ownership.
He told me that several generations back his family became Muslim.
When the Turks over threw Macedonia they told people they could live and be fed simply by joining their faith,or they could die.
This religious ploy has been used by many faiths,for thousands of years and has served to do nothing but force most people into religions that today,most do not choose to practice or participate in,do to the bad feelings of being forced to join.
Food and their restrictions have been an issue since the days of Adam and Eve and will remain so til the end of time.
There will always be those with,those with out,those who hold the power and those who do not.

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