Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No Job To Small

Growing up I was the middle of three children.
Many times I was either to young or to old to do the things my siblings were,this was very frustrating,since in my mind I knew I could do what ever either of them were doing.
It's hard in this life to realize that although you want to do things,they are not always the things needed from you.
Mother Teresa tells a story of a young woman who was disabled.She wanted desperately to help the poor and sick but in her bed ridden condition was unable,feeling very sad to be of no service she expressed her desire to some how help.
Mother suggested she could be a prayer buddy,she would be assigned the name of a person in the field who was doing the hands on work and she would be that person spiritual pal.
We are all able to do many things,but not everything is up to us to do.
Why when we are able and capable to carry out what others are doing are we not asked?
Sometimes,it's just not our turn.
Not being allowed to do something does not mean we are unable,incapable or unwelcome, it just means it's someone else time to shine.
Prayer is very mighty and although we profess its greatness we never seem to want to be the ones doing it.
Patience is also a virtue but one most of us don't really want to learn.
My son was in the military for 9 nine years and every soldier in his troop had a special position to do.
Some were leaders,some doers and some did paper work but all worked together to get the main job done.
The apostles job would have been much harder if no one had been working back up.
Does this make those people less?
No,in God mind there is no lesser or greater when doing his work.
Mother Teresa talks of how we are like the interior of a watch.
Some pieces great,some small,some expensive and some plastic but together it all works,causing the watch to run.
If even one insignificant piece stopped running the whole watch would grind to a halt and nothing would happen.
If we stopped looking at things in the worldly fashion of only the important do important things and look at in the fashion of God,we would understand that all jobs are important.
From the smallest to the greatest we all contribute to the entire picture.

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