Monday, June 13, 2011

Giving And Takiing

Let's say it's a very hot day and you're walking down the street,when suddenly you decided to stop at a local grocery store to buy a bottle of nice cool water.
As you enter the store you notice a sale on bottled water,but its a store brand not a name brand.
Thinking the sale is a a good bargain and water is water,you decide to go with the store brand.
The sign says buy one bottle and get one free,so you grab both bottles and happily go on your way.
Feeling that you made a smart money move and knowing that tomorrow morning you will have enough change to treat your self to a cup of coffee,you continue to walk out of the store.
While heading down the side walk,a stranger comes to you and says he is very thirsty,but has no money and really wants some thing to drink.
Being a Christian and thinking this is your opportunity to do good,you pull out your second bottle of water and offer it to him.
Now what if when you handed him the bottle,he looked at the label and remarked this was a store brand and he preferred a better quality brand like Dissani.
What would you do?
Would you go back into the store,take the change you have left and buy him the better brand of water or would you say sorry but this is what I have to offer?
Does a person on the receiving end have a need to appreciate what is being offered or do they have the right to expect more,especially from those they view as having possibly more to offer?
Jesus says if someone ask you for anything you are to give it to them.
But choices were different in his day.
Water was just drawn from a well and food was bread or what ever could be grown or caught.
Many people came to him to ask for cures and healings but what if the man who was given his sight,came back and said "you know I have brown eyes,I really wanted blue ones,they are more stylish you know?"
What do you think Jesus would have said?
I understand that people who donate items to food shelters or natural disasters ware houses,should give at least things,they themselves would use,but what if what was given was done so with love,charity and the knowledge that more could be bought with the money they have,if they where to purchase a store label product.
My mother always said that "A beggar should not be a chooser and you should be grateful for what ever you are given."
Are we becoming a nation that is confusing its wants with its needs?
So whats the answer?
I tend to think that what is in the heart of the giver when donating is more important then the name on the can or bottle.

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