Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where Are All The Feminist?

Where have all the feminist gone? Did they disappear in the early 80's?
Back in the 70's the feminist movement was in full force.They promised rights to all women no matter who you were and what your life style was.Although at that time, they pushed for working,educated women who wanted more from life then just marriage,they also backed all women.
Today we seem to have lost that.When Sarah Palin was running for Vice Presidency she was attacked by the media,not just for being a strong minded conservative woman but for her personal life style.She was subjected to being made fun of for her personality,wardrobe,parenting and family.Rumors and lies where tolerated.Not one word was said by any feminist group in her defence.
You would think these women's organizations would be proud of the fact that this educated and forward moving woman would be a positive and they would stand up and say "We don't agree with you position but we agree with you as a woman" Nope not one word from them was ever uttered.
How about Miss California,running for the Miss America title, when asked about marriage gave her opinion of how she perceived marriage as traditional.She lost first place,was ridiculed and not only for her position but also for her body and breast implants.
Last night while watching O'Rielly they had a feminist on who not only would not stand by Miss California's right to her opinion but also commented on her body saying "She should have had a heart implant instead of breast implants."What was that all about?Is this a group that assist women or a liberal organisation more concerned about the rights of everyone else then the rights of women?
These groups do not have to take sides but they do need to make people understand that they will not allow women to be made fun of for their bodies or life styles.
I guess I've lost the point of why we have these groups,are they there only to empower and stand behind the women they feel are their kind or all women.We are all one united and to make personal attacks and degrade those whom you disagree with is just not right.Woman are woman no matter what opinion or life style they hold they are one of us.

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