Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Ever Crosses My Path Today Is My Brother

This morning I was watching Joyce Myers,a TV. Evangelist,she was talking about loving your neighbor.She said something which I found very interesting,she said every day she resolves that who ever crosses her path on that day will be her brother.She will go out of her way to help them as if they were a dear friend.
Its a pretty simple idea isn't it? To many people think that throwing money at a charity or problem is helping your brother,well in some ways it is but when you just give money and not time you miss the whole point of giving.
Mother Theresa used to ask people not to send money to her but to give time in her homes around the world.She felt that it was not giving if there was no feeling for both the giver and receiver.
That's why what Joyce said makes so much sense to me.Its very difficult when your in a hurry to stop and listen to some one,its easier to pull money out of your wallet and be on your way, but there are so many people hurting that a few minutes of your time is worth allot to them.
There are many times when I complain because strangers will come to me and just start talking and sharing their problems with me.I'm not sure why they feel so comfortable with me but I've decided I will now take this as a compliment.Who knows why God sends people our way maybe we will give them that one word they need to hear.
I think if we concisely take the time to say "Today who ever crosses my path is my brother" we would be greatly rewarded and not just by our maker.It takes no money just time and that is more precious then any piece of paper can ever be.

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