Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cemetry

Once again memorial day is upon us and although it was my holiday to work,I drove to the local cemetery to take a moment to thank all those who went to war and gave their lives so I could have such freedom.
The cemetery was quite only birds could be heard in the distance and the alter was set up for the upcoming catholic service that was to be preformed after the parade.
The small American flags waving gently in the early breeze proud to be standing near each soldiers headstone.
The beauty of the newly planted flowers shone brightly in front of each piece of marble,planted lovingly by the hands of family members,who wished their loved one was beside them but knew secretly,in their heart,that their spirit was above and around them.
The stillness of the morning made up for the haunting memories of war remembered in the souls of each vet who laid in his space.To young to understand why wars happen but old enough to understand that everyone is entitled to freedom,even those from countries who choose to hate us.Young men who took time out from their lives to give all they had to an uncertain future,right to their last breath.
Those who survived the wars lived with the loss of their innocence.Some chose to tell and retell their war stories others chose to be silent, knowing that even the thought of war could not be expressed in words just private tears.
The day is still young and if you could not attend a parade today please take a moment to stop at a cemetery near you look at the stones with the flags and say "Thank you".Its the very least each one of us can do.

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