Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Thank-You To Some Forgotten Mothers

Yesterday was mothers day and although I had to work when I got home flowers from my husband and a dvd from my son were waiting for me,followed by supper at Chilli's.
Later that night I spent some time watching Huckabee and he brought up a very important mother whom we all seem to forget so here goes "Happy belated mothers day to all the mothers who serve in the U.S. military" To those who are not with their children and family because they are defending our rights to be safe.This is for those who are on land, sea and in the air who have given up the right to see their children's daily adventures,hugs and kisses so they can show their children what real hero's are made of.
Also "happy belated mothers day to all the women whose children and spouses are in the military".God bless you for the sacrifice you have made for allowing these family members to do their jobs and pray for them daily for their safety.You who have taken on the responsibility to be both mother and father assisting your children to have a normal life while dad is gone.
Tonight I will say a special prayer for all the women who are making the hard sacrafices for the love of country and the love of freedom.Thank you is a small word but it can mean so much so once again I say "Thank-You"

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