Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This morning when I awake I put the radio on to hear our Fr.Peter reading the news paper.He read 2 birth signs his and mine.
Do you believe in astrology? When I was a teenager the big pick up line was "hey whats your sign?"
Astrology goes way back before the time of Christ,Who by the way was probably born in March not December,People back then needed a way to understand the world around them and found that the study of the stars and planets helped them to make sense of a confused and complicated world.
As time went on people tried to understand their own lives by studying the stars,planets,constellations and elements earth,air,water and fire.Adding to and establishing personality types for each sign.
As established religion came along the notion of astrology became a satanic thing and was considered evil and against God so most churches pushed away the idea of studying such things.
I think for most of us astrology is just a fun thing to read in our daily newspaper.Someone once told me if you make something general enough it will fit any bodies personality.
But you know its funny because sometimes I do see some personality types in certain persons if I'm told what their sign is.For example I know many Cancers,my father included and I can tell you they are very sensitive people easily hurt but easily loved and devoted to family.My own sign Sagittarius is a learning,traveling adventuresome type with unfortunately a way of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and hurting peoples feelings with out meaning to do so.Now saying this you can see why my father and I could tend to have a challenging relationship,He being hurt easily and me not knowing what I just said that hurt him.
Although I do not believe in astrology I do enjoy reading books about it and every evening when I read the newspaper I try to see how close they got to my day.Your life is meant to be an adventure,every day filled with joy or sorrow it can not be charted by the plant or the stars but you know what its fun to read anyways cause its fun to feel special.

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