Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Collection Plate

In the books of Acts it talks about "Those who believe had all things in common and sold and divvied their property then gave has each one had need".
This was how the early Christians choose to live and believe in their churches.Those who had sold and gave to those who did not.
Today while watching the news there was a minister on from a town in Texas.He and his parish decided that since times are tough for some of their parishioners when the collection plate is passed around anyone who is in need is allowed to take from the plate.
I though can you imagine how well this would go over in most churches,including my own.
Where does collection for church needs and individual members needs meet.The early church felt it was greatly important to help,not only those who belonged to their own church but those who belonged to all their christian churches.They raised money,clothes and food for all who were in need.Of course most of these groups held church in each others homes so they did not have to pay for churches and properties.
Tell me where does the line get drawn? Is it more important to hold church property or to help parish members in times of financial needs?
The early churches helped support widows,orphans, elderly and poor.How much money should a church put aside and how much should be used to assist those in need?
This church in Texas should be commended for trying to help and not make their parishioners feel ashamed if they are in need.
A church is really a body of people who have come together to worship God.We are asked to love and care for our brothers.God could care less if we pray to him in a cathedral filled with gold or an open field.
Is it better to live the faith or fill the collection plate? This is a tough question.There are so many churches closing their doors because there just are not enough people left to keep them open.How much of a church should be about the practical and how much about the spiritual? All the money collected in a one year period could be used to assist many in need.
Maybe the Amish have the right idea.On Sunday every one brings their bench to a families home and that is where Sunday service is held. No over head.

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