Tuesday, December 3, 2013

World News ?

This morning,I got into a discussion on face book,with a friend,about world news and our media.
A story was printed about some nuns who where kidnapped in another country.
He said it was on fox news,npr and the bbc.
Since I had not watched any of those stations last night,it was inevitable that I had missed the story.
Back in the the 1960's and 70's, world news came on every evening from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and contained what seemed to be,a large amount of  real news  information,going on around the globe.
In the 1980's I recall watching,a once a week  morning news station,aired from Russia,which contained world news not being shown on my local channels.
Today the bbc shows more current around the world  news events, then the American news media does.
It makes me feel a bit cheated when my own country has news organizations around the globe,yet little real information is aired, making one assume they are either  lazy or complacent.
Since I, like most people,work long hours, it's not in my time span to be able to sit and flip through all the channels to find news going on outside this country.
My friend claims that most people don't want to hear this sort of news,so its not brought to the regular main stream medias like abc,cbs or nbc.
Folks I have spoken to feel the news is slanted and we are being lead by a liberal media with an agenda to support our president at all cost,even to our own ignorance.
Maybe its a little of both,but I feel slighted by the fact that we are now an enclosed society, being fed what our incompetent,lazy,self serving media may feel we need to know or not know.
Ignorance is not bliss,nor is it smart.
We live in a world that is making us complacent to the activities around us,causing us to wonder why things like 9/11 happen and why we are so unaware.
True there are stations like fox news,cnn,msnbc and multiple talk radio stations,but those I fear,tend to leave us living with slanted view points,becoming bad consumers of the world and current events.
There is only so much time in a persons day for both media and our daily living.
Unfortunately allot people,below the age of 35,really have no concept or interest,in up to date world information,related to their time spent with social media,gaming and movie watching.
Leaving me wonder if news is an older person sport.
Ignorance of world events, puts us in the position of not understanding our  global friends or enemies,allowing them to take advantage of  our slowness to act and stupidity of events.

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