Saturday, December 21, 2013

Understand Where You Stand

St.James talks about how we need to not only pray but love our neighbor and live our faith.
Many people talk about a war on Christ and Christians.
True in the middle east,the Christan population out there are being imprisoned and killed for their beliefs.
80% of all  religious persecution today, is happening to Christians.
We are lucky to live in this country,because at least we are free to practice our faith.
Recently in a GQ magazine,the patriarch of the duck dynasty show, gave an interview in which he espoused his religious,biblical beliefs of homosexuality, bestiality, casual and multiple partners sex and adultery.
As always the media spun it out of context and a gay rights group felt they were offended by what was said in the article.
We as Christians need to come to terms with the fact that we are "in the world,not of the world."
What does that mean?
Basically,don't expect the world to live by your christian standards because it is a fallen place,in which you morals and values will be ripped apart so as to make evil seem good and good seem evil.
If you as a christian speak out on the beliefs in the Bible,your words will be twisted and you will be considered crazy.
My priest Fr.Preble says "you are free to say what ever you want,but understand you will face consequences for you words and  actions."
With that said know that taking a stand always means resistance and you must weigh out if you are willing to lose everything for you point of view.
We Christians know that the heat will be on but no matter if we have to lose it all our gain is greater then our earthly loss.
Just because critics want to silence you,does not mean you are wrong,this is where faith in God comes in.
Jesus said "the world will hate you,just as it hated me."
We are lucky to live in a country where its o.k. to speak out and if we feel we are losing our christian rights and values,9 time out of 10,it because we choose to remain silent.
In the end most people who believe as you do will band with you,just as they are trying to do with this duck dynasty patriarch.
If you feel you are being wronged then make it right,but know this saying you are  christian means non violence and clearly understand that in the end you may lose all you have built up in this world.
But then again it was never about this world its about the next.

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