Friday, December 27, 2013

FedEx couldn't make it?

So Christmas came and went and yet some people did not get the Christmas gifts promised by companies like Amazon.
How tragic,the world must now stop because some spoiled child could not get that perfect gift on that perfect day.
I'm sure this child will be scared for life.
I work in health and can tell you many people now days are self centered and arrogant.
Most believe their needs are the only ones to be met and no sympathy paid to the FedEx and Ups works who have worked 60 hour plus weeks to make your life acceptable.
There is no longer any such thing as empathy for others and the fact that everyone does not drop everything,the minute you walk into a room,is a clear indicator of this.
I can not tell you the number of times while at work,while on the phone with a doctor or writing an important message down,that people become indignant that i have not dropped the phone or looked up to acknowledge them.
Selfish self centered people,that is what this country has become and the fact that you feel your entire Christmas was ruined because certain,last minute gifts, did not make it to your doorstep,just goes to prove that people do not understand the true meaning of Christmas.
May be you should be glad you did not receive the gifts your precious child must have, because now,they can learn the lessons of patience and endurance.
Afluenza,that's what this whole country is turning into.
Recently a wealthy 17 year old, who has never had to answer for anything,took his car and ran over 4 people ,killing them and got let off because of this new thing called afluenza,or what used to be call spoiled rotten brat.
Political correctness does not allow us to say what we mean and call a shovel a shovel,I would say a spade a spade,but some one might be offended,even though a spade and shovel are both digging instruments.
This country is going into the toilet because people just think its all about them and their needs,just like the Cesar's of Rome.
To much opulence is never enough.
From cradle to grave everyone,including the government,has to protect and take care of people who are to spoiled to realize that maybe if you ordered your gift early and not two days before the holiday,this whole problem would not had affected you.

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