Saturday, December 7, 2013

Keep It Simple

Today while banking I decided to stop at the Family Dollar store and then the new General Dollar store,in Webster mass.
While there I picked up some toys to put in the "toys for tot" box at work and my present for the patients Secret Santa Party.
My theme this year is "keep it simple stupid" or kiss.
To many years I run my self ragged trying to do all the things people who don't have a time crunch do.
This year while at the general dollar store I bought a pretty box with a ribbon on top and filled it up with lotion,soaps,powder and body spray,for my patient .
This was the simplest gift idea yet.
This year I will also try to buy gifts that will in some way help my small town businesses and charities,cause if your going to give to your friends and family why not help others at the same time.
Once I returned home,I picked up all my fall decorations outside and plan to work slowly on Christmas decorations,with no intentions of over doing it.
Christmas should be a time of family and friends,doing for others and keeping an eye on what is important.
So this year keeping it simple will be my goal.
No anxiety,no stress and no depression cause  nothing in our lives is perfect.
I'm glad this year that I have Christmas off and plan on making it a nice quiet day with my family and maybe we will do pot luck this year instead of a whole formal meal.
Being a laid back kind of person I can appreciate a laid back kind of celebration.

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