Thursday, December 19, 2013


Are you a responsible person?
Do you feel everyone around you just gets to slide by and wonder why you are so concerned about follow through with projects?
I work at a job where responsibility is job one.
Being a nurse puts me in the position of never being able to drop the ball,though those around me choose to.
When my son was small,and I was a single parent,the responsibility of raising him laid on my shoulders,my saying back them was "its tough to be the responsible party."
So is there something wrong with the attitude of it has to be done and done right.
Few people see the need of being responsible,most people will do what they need to just to get by and if they know they should do more,they choose not to.
Leaders are people who are willing to take on the tough stuff and go to the end of the line trying to keep the train on the track,til it makes it safe to the station.
In other words follow through right to the bitter end,no matter how long or how hard.
The world spins around and life goes on,but some people need to get it right,or figure out why and finish it.
Is it a gift or curse?
Solomon in the Old Testament,was considered wise,everyone expected him to make those hard decisions and follow through.
What about Moses?
Talk about taking on a job and seeing it through to almost the end.
It can be a tiring position to always have to be the  follow through person.
Now days most people are quick to blame others and feels they are victims,many young people do not understand what real responsibility is,and are to easy to blame circumstances for the out comes,rather then themselves.
Fewer and fewer people are ready to take on leadership unless they are willing to take blame.
Our current president is a person ,who feels fault is always for someone else to take,not him,to the detriment of our own country.

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