Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let The Preparations Begin

Well its that time of year,cleaning the house and decorating,not to mention food preparations and gift buying,then wrapping each and every item.
But before we get to any of those things decisions need to be made and time,short though it may seem,must be spent in how best to tackle each project.
With Thanksgiving arriving two days before the end of the month of November,an entire week of planning has just vanished leaving most of us with only 27 days til Christmas.
Being a good Christian,I try to remain focused on the fact that Jesus is the reason for the season,but then, so is my family and friends.
With age comes the understanding that not all things need to be done in the same fashion they where when my son was a child and Santa made that special day of December the 25th magical.
Now I tend to make my decorating last for more then just the Christmas Holiday,hanging things like snow men,snow flakes or other winter type themes,so when New Years Day arrives less Christmas things need to be taken down and stored for another year.
Today I will plan to start working on my hall and bathroom,putting away the more fall colored items and adding reds and golds to the bath and shower area.
It all seems like a big amount of time and effort to make the house festive,but I do it slowly and Christmas just seems to fall in place.
Some people in my neighborhood,started setting up their lights and trees the day of Thanksgiving,and some even before.
Seems rather out of place since Advent is in full swing and we should be focusing on Mary,her pregnancy and birth of Jesus.
Of course back in her day having a child,did not require all the things we present day parents think so necessary.
No strollers or car seats,no mountain of baby clothes,or boxes of disposable diapers,no doctor appointments or lab test and no, definitely no, sona grams to find out what the baby sex is and if it's healthy
Back then mother nature took care of the baby in the womb and mom the preparations of the home.
In all honesty, we should not be  putting up our Christmas tree until,December 24th.
But like the birth of any new baby who can not be excited and want to spruce things up for that special little someone who will be visiting us soon.
Today will be my lets try and get this house into what will become a special day,on December the 25th.
A day to enjoy my family and friends and hopefully spread a little love and happiness to those in need this holiday season.
The nice thing about the birth of a new baby is the joy it brings to not only the immediate family,but all those who come in contact with it.
Lets face it babies just have that special something that can make even the crabbiest person smile,no matter how hard they try not to.
O.K lets let the preparations begin.

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