Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas And Charity..How Tiring

With the Christmas Season comes the Christmas giving,not just our list of friends and family members,but also charitable giving.
Today while going through one of my friends' face book posting,I came across a picture he put up,about giving to an animal shelter or adopting a pet.
Someone posting under the comment section,took offense to the fact that people would ask for donations for animal shelters,but not children's orphanages,which this person thought a more worthwhile endeavor.
Every day that I choose to shop at the nearby grocery or retail stores,I am bombarded by check out people asking me if I would like to round up my tally,or donate a dollar to their favorite charity.
Now don't get me wrong,most charities are in need,but when it comes to shopping,like most people,by the time I get to the check out,I am not only tired but done with spending money.
We as a nation are a most charitable group,but I do not appreciate being asked to fund a favorite charity,when all I want to do is go home.
Money may make the world go round,but at this point I am done feeling charitable.
Now I am no scrooge,but then again I am also no Rockefeller,with money falling out of my pockets.
Not only do I deal with world interest,but also my work place and church.
Everyone seems to feel at this holiday season,that money somehow grows on trees.
I don't know about you but come January,I have payments to make on house and property taxes,car and house insurances,my son birthday and our anniversary.
Its not that I am trying to be cheap,its just that in 4 years I would like to have enough saved to retire,or semi retire.
Money,money,money is just making me tired and unable to fully enjoy the holidays.
At present my house is in need of cleaning,decorating and gifts bought and wrapped.
The reason for the season is Jesus birth,which is what I would not mind centering on.
The best part of this holiday season is preparing my special cupcakes for our church community meal,this Thursday, and going out to spend a nice Saturday evening at sturbridge village and night out for new years eve at our favorite new years tavern.
The rest just seems to be a mess,with no time to deal with it all.

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