Friday, November 26, 2010

A Jump In The Lake

Every year on Thanksgiving morning many brave people in our town gather together to literally jump in the lake.
Now were not just plain crazy in this town we are somewhat charitable.
Many years ago,on Thanksgiving morning, a bunch of guys sitting around the local Knight of Columbus hall,staying out of their wives way at home,tried to think of something they could do that would be different and some one suggested they go down to the local lake and jump in.
Well with enough drinks in you most people will try anything at least once.
It has now been multiple years since the first men jumped into the icy water and is has become not only a yearly tradition but a fund raiser for the m.s. society.
Every Thanksgiving morning the brave,or crazy,people of our town join together at Quaduc lake and literally jump in.
I have never been to this event but I can tell you there are some Thanksgiving years where snow and ice are on the beach,but these hardy, brave/crazy people do it anyways.
The few the proud and the crazy.Our Thompson residents.

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