Thursday, November 18, 2010

Community Meal

I tend to be a simple person.
I don't own expensive cars,big TVs or large amounts of money,but what I do know is wealth is in the eye of the beholder.
Tonight is our community meal at St. Micheal Church.
On the menu will be Turkey with all the fixings and many hands contributing in the preparation,presentation and serving.
This is one of our truly big meals,with not only many of our church members in attendance,but also friends from the community,both those we know and those we will meet.
All here to partake of this banquet of bounty.
My job is to make some of the pumpkin pies and I can tell you the smell of Autumn spices are just filling my kitchen with their sweetness.
While baking this morning,it came to my mind,something that occurred at last Saturday Evening Coffee House,at our church.
During the intermission I had a chance to speak with the lead singer,preforming that night, and told her how much I enjoyed when these visiting musicians testify to how they were lead to Christ.
Some have spoken of being addicted to drugs or alcohol,some molested by so called "loved ones" and some just knew they were on the wrong path and not sure which step to take next.
She and I spoke about how we both miss judge people on the merits of how they look or act and how Jesus had spoken to both our hearts on the need to see people spiritually and not physically.
Now days the words " don't judge " jumps into my mind.Many is the time when I am thinking negatively about another person and I can hear those words resonate through my brain.
Our community meal has taught me that to reach out and not judge others,is why we're here on earth.
It is easy to be a person of words but it is allot harder to make the physical effort to bake the pies or serve the meals.
It can be difficult to walk out of 8 or more hours of work,drive to the church hall,only to spend 4 more hours standing and serving food.
It would be easier for me to send some money to my local food bank,then to make the physical effort to feed others and listen to their complaints or demands.
But God is funny like that,he doesn't ask for the simple,he expects more from us and in return we find the job to be exhilarating,rewarding and the people wonderful.
Here is a joy you don't feel when you throw money in an envelope.
Jesus didn't say feed the hungry when your not tired,listen to those in need of talking when your in the mood.
I have learned that every person has a story and once you hear them you can understand why it is so important to listen with your heart,to each.
We as church are not suppose to be some vestige of just worship and prayer,we are to get our hands dirty and be the servant.
Anyone can be a leader but not every one can be a servant,that takes the grace of God with in us.

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Laura said...

1Corinthians7:22 "Likewise he who is called while free is Christ's slave." Therefore we keep God's commandments, loving our neighbor.