Sunday, November 7, 2010


It always amazes me that when ever things like unmarried parents are studied it's about the mothers not the fathers.
Seems we still live in a world where it is always easier to place the responsibility on women,not the men.
Women who choose to give birth to their babies are still deemed by many to be some how loose,while men,who helped father these children,are not studied on their responsibility to nurture and provide.
If a women gets pregnant by a man and he chooses to walk away it is considered bad choice on her part,like she's to blame because this man chooses to not be a real man.
Through out history women have always been to blame for the equally bad choices men assist in making.
Even in the bible when a prostitute was brought before Jesus for lying with a man,no mention is made of the man she slept with. Was he also not guilty of lying with her? Where was he when it was time to get stoned to death?
We hold many double standards in this country and when it comes to statistics and studies why do we also not do equal studies on men and how their presence of not being in a home with their children also effects these children's lives.
How about studies on the amount of money that is lost by the state and federal government because irresponsible men do not pay for their children's up bringing?
Why is it that we know the basic statistics of unmarried women with children living with unmarried partners but have no clue what the statistics of unmarried men who father multiple children with numerous women and do not pay child support?
Could this be because we live in a male dominated world and its easier to talk about women than it is to talk about men?
Funny how its a stigma for women who choose to give birth and be responsible,yet men who walk away do not have the same sigma placed on them?
It takes two people to make a child and it should take two people to support and raise said child.
Why do we not place has much pressure on a man to not have unprotected sex and produce children they do not want?
I have always felt that if a woman has a child and wants state or federal assistance she should have to name the man who helped produce this child and before any aid is given,he should be tagged by the state to help assist in payments.
Lets face it fair is fair and if the tax payers are helping to pay for these innocent children, why aren't their fathers?

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