Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prince Valiant

When I was a little girl,I,like most 6 and 7 year olds,at that time,dreamed of a fairy tale prince who would ride on his great white horse and whisk me away.
Perched atop this great steed he would wrap his arms around me and protect me as we rode off to his castle.
Yesterday while driving to do some errands,in a futile attempt to avoid Christmas music,I decided to listen to am talk radio.
And who should I stumble upon but Rush.
Seems the topic that day was..you guessed it..airport security.
A gentleman called in to discuss how we has a nation have gotten to the point where we would allow such intrusion on our rights.
They discussed the fact that we have become complacent and have allowed the government to become intrusive,with us harboring complaints but not acting upon them.
The caller asked how any man could subject his wife and family to such an embarrassment and not stand up and object to it.
He asked "where have all the real men gone,the kind who would defend and protect their families on the mere principle that no one should be touching some one you care about in places where only a spouse should be touching them?"
Funny how we have become so weak in this country and so sheep like.
At the end of world war II people asked how an entire religion of people like the Jews,could be so easily manipulated and led to concentration camps.
This is the answer fear and complacency.
Thinking the government knows more then you and allowing ones right to be first violated then taken away and disposed of,just has these victims bodies were eventually disposed of.
It frightens me that we live in a country where no one seems willing to stand up and say no.
Last night a clip was shown from an airport where a 6 year old child had set off a metal detector and was just about stripped searched in front of everyone,the father cursing under his breath about how insane this all was.
No security is worth selling your fundamental rights off and no 6 year old should be shamefully stripped and checked,like a terrorist with a bomb.because he set a metal detector off.
That father who allowed his 6 year old child to be treated like a criminal should have been more concerned about his child's welfare and embarrassment and less concerned about a flight.
Maybe it was time for this man to pull this child out of line,out of the airport and catch a bus or train.
Its time to take the step has a parent and a man,to protect your loved ones and prove a point to your little boy,that a mother or father is a protector and you,as my child, are important enough that we will do things the hard way for your rights and dignities.
Some day when this child grows into a man, he will understand that he,like prince valiant is the protector of those in his care.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Lynda,

Very thought provoking post. Unfortunately this happens all over the world. We harbor so many grouses against the government but we hardly take action. Even things which affect us on a daily basis like bad roads,frequent disruption of electricity, irregular supply of drinking water, lack of sanitation etc. are stoically borne by the entire population with out a protest.

To day I read in the news paper that a woman slapped a man in a public bus because he misbehaved with her.But the other passengers in the bus were silent spectators.How this can happen in a civilised society? Are we going to stand and witness such preposterous things perpetrated either by the government or individuals as mute spectators?

Your post is an eye opener and contains a lot of truth.

Best wishes,