Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After

Today is the day after Thanksgiving and although my husband and I went out at 10am this morning it was not for Christmas shopping,it was a need for an overcoat and a sale at Joseph A. Banks that brought us to a store.
No Christmas presents yet,its to early for me to think about such things as who wants what.
We had a wonderful day yesterday.A family get together and feast for the six of us. Afterwards we semi watched the football game and talked mostly about family members and holidays gone by,with loved ones no longer present,in body anyways.
After our family left it took me no time at all to get the house back in order and this morning I awoke with nothing to do but drink coffee,read the paper and watch pawn stars.
When my husband got up he decided to brave the traffic and buy a new overcoat,grey in color,at a very good price.
Watching him trying on all those different colored overcoats reminded me that sometimes I just think he's so cute and I'm very proud of him,love is strange.
When we were finished Vic asked me if there was any place special I wanted to go,to which I answered,yes home.
Seems he was interested in buying me an early birthday present,but all I could think of was who needs all these people in my face,its not worth it,we can wait.
I have been trying to figure out what to get people this year and have decided to try and buy has many things from charities and organizations,that I know will benefit from my purchases.
Has a matter of fact soap will be on my list and I know a certain priest who makes some great scented goat milk soap,who just happens to also be my priest,so first to be helped will be our new monastery.
I think it will be more fun this year to try and follow this credo,give to those I love with things that will benefit those in need.
I know this will take some though and I also know that not all of my gifts will follow this suit,but what ever works out will benefit both my friends,family and charities.
So let December come,because I have a plan and this will be a fun challenge.
Let the shopping begin,but not today.

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