Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today seemed like such a nice day to be outside mowing the grass.
Since it was just done last week I did not have to bag it just mulch it,which takes about 1/2 the time.
I prepared the mower and of course the sun never shines so brightly as it does when your mowing or doing yard work.
As I pushed the mower I surveyed all the limbs that need to be trimmed and the holes that need to be filled and thought of all the small jobs I had ahead of me.Thank God I'm on vacation this week and am healthy enough to do all that needs to be done to make the yard presentable to the neighborhood.
Last week while reading the Telegram and Gazette there was an article about dilapidated houses and messy over grown yards in Worcester.
It seems the town has decided to have people go around and anyone whose yard is not up to town pare they will fine the owners.They have even hired a person to measure the grass,if your grass is over one foot tall you will be cited.
The article talked about houses that are not being taken care of and property owners who need to do more so unsafe houses will not be a problem to the town.
One of the people they talked to was an elderly man,who looked rather frail and had such a property.
Now I understand property owners who own apartment houses and choose not to take care of them should have the book thrown at them, especially if they are wealthy, but you know not every one who owns a home is able to up keep it.
There are many elderly poor people who are just unable both physically and financially to keep up with these things.
We are becoming a nation of fines.Do this or do that or we will fine you.We'll not everyone is rich and with the Town of Worcester wanting to raise taxes on property how much more can a person just getting by pay.
This is a time when the churches in the area need to help their neighbors.Maybe they need to start summer youth group programs for teens in the churches to go and help the poor and elderly paint, mow grass and maybe move some junk helping to clean yards.
We always talk about how terrible it is that no one wants to be a part of our churches yet when people need help we are not there to help.
If we as a church want to be relevant we need to make our selves relevant.

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