Wednesday, June 16, 2010

California and Same Sex Marriage

Today in California court debates will be started on same sex marriage over proposition 8.
We in Connecticut were not allowed to vote on this issue our Representatives decided to do it for us even though it is a subject which should have been voted on by the people of this state since it effects this state.
In Massachusetts they were told they would be allowed to vote on this issue but their representatives also felt the answer they wanted would not come about so the Representatives also voted for the people.
I have to admire California at least they brought it to the people and let them have their say,To which they have said no.
I do not believe that same sex marriage should be called marriage.The history of marriage has been between a man and woman in order for the children to have a sire name,which was very important back in the old days.To have a child with out marriage and a father gave your child no rights to any inheritance.It was like being no ones son.
Unoinship between same sex couples should have its own name but all the rights of any married couple.
I think that thing that bothers me the most about this whole thing is that in some states we the people did not get the opportunity to cast our vote on this important issue instead our representatives felt they knew better.
This issue effects all the people of this country and as such every one should have the right to vote on it.
As it stands now in some states your married in others you are not I'm not sure how this is a good thing.
What If you live in a state that does not recognize you as being married then do you have any rights in your state.
Its funny how the liberal states like California and Vermont have turned down same sex marriage and I can tell you if we in Connecticut got to vote on it the answer would have been no.
Being a Christian puts me in that funny predicament of not being in favor of Same sex unions of any kind but also being compassionate of those who are gay.
In my life I have been friends with multiple gay people and their partners.I have also known that they have lived very difficult lives with 2 committing suicide and one having drug and alcohol issues for many years.
No one can say that living this sort of life is easy and why people are who they are is not up to me to judge.I just know that we as a country have to decide on what to do that will not make any portion of our population feel slighted or out cast.
We should have a national vote.
We either all vote in favor or against Gay Marriage then we can have peace with our decision and all the laws will be the same all over this country.

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