Monday, June 21, 2010

New Monestary

Our church made the wise decision Sunday to vote and approve of our small St. Micheal Church to also house a small Monetary St. Columba of Iona.
To say we are proud of this event,especially since it occurred on fathers day,is an understatement.
Of course as all votes go it was not unanimous but with majority rule and a spirit of forward thinking I feel the church will greatly benefit and those that feel it is not a good idea will change their opinion when the dust settles and this blessing is revealed to all.
Lets face it even Jesus dealt with doubters and nay Sayer's but once the truth is revealed its easier to be in favor of something.
We are an old church with many older parishioners and change does not come easy.
The Orthodox Churches,unlike the Catholic Churches,has a history of the people taking the first steps of building their churches and the priest really being after thoughts.
This idea is slowly changing as more converts enter the religion and accept their priest as leaders of,rather then employees to the church.
If we are to survive in a world going against the religious ways then we need to ground our selves and monasteries are just that,the roots of the tree bringing us more firmness in the grounding of our faith.
So with great excitement we take this step into our new future by digging deeper into the past beliefs of monastic life,an ancient practice.
I believe we were sent Fr.Peter because God understood that like the story in the bible of the owner telling the pruner to dig up the olive tree which bore little fruit and the servant asking The owner to give the plant one more year of tender care,we too could become a better plant and maybe with extra care we also will grow fuller and bear more fruit in the coming seasons and years.
So congratulations Fr. Peter on this wonderful endeavor and as for me I need to take the time to read on St.Columba of Iona so when asked who he is I can say more then some saint from the isles.I think..

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