Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy World

When the British troops surrendered to the Americans at the ending of the Revolutionary War the band played "The world turned upside down."
After coming home from work yesterday I decided to start supper.While cooking my husband said "your friend is in allot of trouble." To which I said which friend?
Well it seems an acquaintance of mine and my sisters best friend,since grammar school, had been arrested for sex with a minor.
I was shocked and could not believe that this pretty 43 year old woman had done such a thing.
I began to think what is wrong with this world that such things as this could be happening.I must admit it seems as if the whole world as gone mad when sexual encounters with minors do not seem taboo to some people.
Although I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and willing to wait and see how this mess all turns out,in my mind whether your a man or a woman,sex with children is "WRONG" and if you truly have done this you deserve to go to jail for a good long time.
I don't know if things like this were as prevalent when I was a child or if it just gets found out more but what ever it is the world is a mess.
The problem with something like this is if your guilty your name is ruined when its found out but if your innocent your name is still ruined because people will always wonder.
Now I'm not sure what I'm planning on doing about this maybe I will send her a note of encouragement and tell her to hang in there because she is still innocent until proven guilty,even though the evidence is not good on her part.
I remember the movie "The Graduate" of course this took place with an older woman and a college student but in the end the older woman just wanted to feel young with this man.
I'm not sure if this is the reason some one who is 43 would want to be with some one who is 16.Either way it is rather creepy.I guess you never want to feel as a woman that you are undesirable or maybe this has to do with domination either way its wrong.
Well once again this is all a situation that I am glad I do not have to face because this will be an up hill battle for not only her but her teenage daughter and grade school son.
Some times one moment of stupidity can lead to a life time of sorrow for every one involved.

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