Friday, June 11, 2010

MotherTeresa and The Empire State Building

This August will be Mother Teresa 100 birthday and the Catholic League decided that in respect for her life and service they would ask the Empire State Building if they would light the building blue and white in honor of her birthday.
Seems that although the building could be lit for The Chinese Republic it can not be lit for what they consider a religious groups request.
Now I was truly outraged how do you deny anyone who devoted their life to selfless serving and compassion but give this honor to a country that is the biggiest civil rights abuser in history.
I know that this building is privately owned and can agree or deny any one the right to light its building any color at any time but lets face it when the Simpson's CD is considered important enough to light the building yellow but Mother Teresa is not then how much of a joke is this rational,obviously they have very high standards when a cartoon is considered so valuable.
Its really sad when we live in a country where its better to be non offensive to the secular few and take a stand against a great woman because she happens to be a follower and lover of Jesus Christ.
This woman helped so many people in so many countries to live and die with dignity.
She walked the streets of Calcutta and picked up the poor who were wound and worm infested washing their bodies and giving them not only medicine but dignity.
What exactly has the Empire State Building done to help its own street poor in its own City of New York?
Sarah Palin recently sent an e-mail to the web site of the Empire State building to voice her disapproval and I in turn am planning on doing the same.This will probably not sway their opinion but it will make me feel better.I also plan on telling everyone I know who are planning to visit New York to think twice before spending any money in the Empire State building gift shops.
There are lots of attractions and gift stores in New York maybe their money and time could be better spent in places more in need of the business.

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