Sunday, December 21, 2008

stop, breath then look around

well its day number two and its still snowing, now i know how the people in Alaska must feel.we at our house have been very busy between the snow and readying our selves for the Christmas holiday.
yesterday i worked,drove home then we went to a parishioners home for food and to discuss where are church is heading in the future and how to get i got up,stopped at my sister in laws house to pick something up,went to church service, stopped at ocean state job lot to get gloves and wrapping paper,helped shovel the
steps and driveway,had lunch,watched a Christmas movie,wrapped some gifts and threw supper in the oven oh yeah and some where in this mess i also did dishes and made a big pot of hot tea for all us cold shovelers.after supper I'm planning on do absolutely nothing.
its always good to get to the point where you can do not one many people feel they always have to be in motion but sometimes its just good to stop and when we got home from service i spent about 2 minutes watching a big blue bird sitting in a snow pile lifting his head up and down looking around soon several other blue birds sat in the tree above him,each taking their turn going back and forth to the feeder.while at service this morning i looked out our new windows
watching the snow fall among the tree branches and realized how beautiful it all seemed,it didn't seemed so lovely on the drive to church.Even the christmas decorations in the church seemed so much more colorful the wreathes and garland seemed greener.
when your busy you need to take the time to just be still and look,you would be amazed at all the things you can see when you are not in motion.these are the times when you are tuning in to Gods beauty and it only takes a few minutes.just because you've seen something a hundred dosen't mean you've realy looked at it.

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