Tuesday, December 23, 2008

getting ready for the holidays

Today is december 23rd and I started to get the house in order for Saturday when my sister and her family will be coming to visit.I still have some wrapping left to do but will try to do most of it tonight,there are many things I'm pretty good at but I learned a long time ago that wrapping is not my thing,it requires to much patience and bows are way out of my league.
My sister-in-law and her husband are gone to visit their son in Ohio,they left on Sunday during the snow storm and the person who plows for them has a broken plow. every day I go over and check the estate and while there I do a little shoveling,I'm hoping that by the time they come home i will have them all shoveled out.They decided that since they will not be home for Christmas that we not exchange gifts this year,so i am going to consider this their Christmas gift.
This morning I had to run to the nursing home where I work because the patients were having their Christmas party today and I needed to get my gifts there for them.I hope they had a good time and enjoyed their party.
I have not baked anything and will not until friday night or saturday morning.I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought a small turkey,premade desserts and easy to make potatoes and vegtables which my son will put together and cook for Christmas day,since i will be working and my husband needs his holiday turkey dinner.My son is a very good cook and used to cook when he was in the army he excells when he needs to cook for 50 to 100 hungry solders, unfortunitly he will only be cooking for the three of us Thursday.
So to you and yours Merry Christmas and don't forget there are some wonderful church services Wed. night take the time to attend and remember why we are celebrating the season and if your in the Southbridge area at 5pm. and don't know where to go for a Christmas Liturgy please come to St. Michael Orthodox Church on Romanian avenue We extend our hand to you and we would certainly enjoy your company on this most holiest of nights.

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Laura said...

Linda: Everyone wants to be your friend. I'm glad that I am. See you and Vic tomorrow night. Then maybe we'll tip a few well deserved drinks.