Tuesday, December 16, 2008

officers council meeting last night

last night i attended our church officers council meeting although i am not a member of the officers our church tries to be open to all members so we can be informed.
we have come to the conclusion that the time is here to try and attempt church unification.in this area we have three small orthodox churches which united together would probably make up one moderate size church.
our basic problem is that each church is different in heritage one is Greek, one Albanian and our church is Romanian. although our liturgy for the most part is the same the traditions of each are different,and to add to the mix we have the influxes of converts who have no ties to any of these things.
Fr. Peter always says the things that will trip us up will be the small things like which priest do we use, what name will the church be, if we incorporate both names whose will be first and last but most important whose lamb recipe will we use at the picnic.
this is all new and strange to me this need to hold on to tradition. when i was catholic we never had these problems if a church was to small you were shut down with very little vote on the parishioners part.we had no traditional foods, picnics or choice in who would and would not be our priest in my mind the time has come to decide is the tradition and ethnicity the important part here or is the faith more important.the only real true traditional language i can see is Aramaic because that's what Jesus spoke other then that it takes on pride on not only the people who want to continue with the old countries language but also on the part of the people who do not want to speak Romanian,has long has we fight over language it keeps us divided which I'm sure makes the devil happy.its time to bend and compromise or lose our faith all together.language and traditions should come after the faith, Jesus came to earth to free and enlighten us to the good news.in his time he was a breath of fresh air because he taught his people to not be enslaved by rules and traditions.faith and praise comes first he said "the Sabath was made for man,man was not made for the Sabath"

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Laura said...

The way I remember it, was if you had a few bucks, you could influence even the Catholic Church. Such as people seeking divorces. Things have changed somewhat, but sometimes the rules are bent to make people happy who support the church, and that may be language. It is hard to make everyone happy. I've stopped trying. If I'm happy, I'm not forced to go.