Thursday, December 18, 2008

evangalism. what is it?

tonight at our adult education class one of the things we discussed was evangelism what is it? and how do we use it? my son is 28 years old when he was growing up he was a very devout catholic attending mass,singing in the choir and he even talked about being a priest up until he graduated high school.has he went into the world then spent a year in Iraq he lost this devout need, although he still prays he sees no need to attend church of any kind.
now i know we all get to an age where we have to live our own lives and prove to our selves our religion is worth what we thought it was has a child.the problem is how do we bring our adult children back into the faith.
most young adults now days are to wrapped up in them selves.they use cell phones,text message,listen to music,watch DVDs,and spend countless hours playing video games and other computer things.
how do we reach this generation who is so technologically self absorbed? luckily for us our priest Fr. Peter is also still young and uses the media to try to reach out to them.he blogs,uses ipods and does radio programs.
you have to go where the young are places like pubs and Internet cafes meet them where they hang out.
most of use do not know how to evangelize we think knocking on doors or standing in parks preaching the word is evangelism but do you know that blogging is also spreading the word of God,not being afraid to pray over your food in public and answering friends questions are all ways of evangelism.
many people in this world are lost and looking for the good news however when we choose to talk about God we are evangelizing.although I'm not the type of person who will preach about God if some starts to talk to me about what they think about God i am not afraid to share some of my views,never trying to push farther then what i think the person is able to handle at the time.sometimes a few words here and there with people help them to become more comfortable the next time they want to talk to me,they don't feel i'm trying to push my faith on them.
evangelism is a funny thing when you least expect it suddenly you've said a few words that someone wants or needs to hear,will this bring them over to my religion,probably not but it may bring them over to God and i guess that's what its realy all about.


Fr. Peter said...

Well said!

Laura said...

I keep hearing its the time factor. We have all the conveniences, yet seem to have less time. That is because I believe, people have abandoned the home which was cleverly engineered by Mom. That meant that dad didn't have to share in many of the responsibilities they now both share on the weekends. End result no time for weekend activities for Church and the family. Their priority has changed to Sunday reading of the paper, the internet and sports.