Monday, December 8, 2008


yesterday i woke up to snow on the ground and flakes in the air.I guess winter is truly coming upon us.
I always say I hate snow,I really don't,I hate the shoveling then trying to drive to work in the early morning hours when the roads have not been plowed well enough,my job is the kind that you can't call out because the roads are bad,the worse the weather the more needed you are.lets face it 3rd shift wants to go home if I don't show up their stuck for another shift.
when I was a child we always had such fun in the snow sledding,building a snow man,snow forts and if the pond was frozen ice skating, at the end of the day you would come in the house with fingers and toes frozen and starting to hurt but the next day we'd go out and do the same thing again.
to me there is nothing more beautiful then going out in the evening hours and walking with my dog on the road through the freshly falling snow with the street light hitting the flakes has they fall.Everything so quite and peaceful white and pure feeling so close to nature,when suddenly the stillness broken from afar by the soft voices of adults and kids talking and laughing has they shovel their driveways and the scrapeing sounds of a snowplow cleaning a nearby road.
although i like the spring and summer months better there is something to be said for this time of year.many people in new England like to move to Florida for the winter months, i think it would be very sad to live somewhere that i could not see even a small amount of snow this time of year,it must be very odd to put up a Christmas tree when its 80 degrees outside and flowers are blooming every where.Santa and his sleigh must look pretty funny on a green lawn with people walking by in shorts and tank tops.
there is a time and place for everything and christmas and snow just seem to need each other,even Santa and Mrs Clause can appreciate a good snow storm why else would they live at the North Pole?

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Laura said...

I used to think that all people need snow to appreciate the arrival of Santa Clause until I lived in LA. They would think it odd if they had snow. There are some people on this planet who have not experienced the fluffy white stuff. I've been a New Englander for so many years now, I've come to love where and what I have. One example where change is not good.