Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas stress

Today i got to listen to Fr. Peters' radio program,taped on Thursday morning.He talked about Christmas stress and how to beat these stresses and take care of your self through the holidays,he spoke about depression and the sadness that goes along with the holiday blues.
has we get older we lose more and more of our family members and their traditions. we are put in the position of making our own traditions,we go from the child to the adult.
people put to much stress on the importance of meeting every ones needs and expectations, feeling disappointed that we may have slighted someone,its one of those things you can do 100 things right and get all kinds of compliments then hear one bad thing and it turns your world upside down.
i work at a job were every other year means i work Christmas day,this is one of those years.i have gotten used to this and we celebrate Christmas with my family on my day off, which will be Saturday this year.
i really don't feel bad about not being with every one on these holidays because i get to spend time with patients who have no family and no one to visit them. we become like their family and it makes them happy that we are with them on Christmas, this is so much better then being home opening gifts or worrying how stressed i am getting making a Christmas meal.
keep in mind mine is not the only profession that gives up holidays for the good of others there are police,firefighters, doctors and if you go out to eat on that day waiter,waitresses,cooks and hostesses who serve and meet your needs.
remember the people who have given up their holidays for you and your loved ones,if you have a chance give them a smile,thank them and wish them Merry Christmas,they will be glad you thought about them.

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