Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last week a friend and i went to a breakfast buffet at the Mohegan Sun Casino,while we enjoyed our leisurely meal she began to talk to me about losing her husband 2 years ago.he was diagnosed with cancer and given 1 month to live, she said "what can you do in a month that you haven't done in a life time."
now that several years have passed she is ready to find a companion not a mate but just some one to talk to and do things with. she said "life can be lonely when there is no one around and everything depends on you."
funny how you never think about those things when your in a committed relationship or married.I'm very fortunate my husband and i are best friends we do lots of things together and enjoy each others company.this afternoon Vic, my husband,wanted to go to the book store,i was tired and wasn't sure i wanted to go but then remembered what my friend had said about being alone and said sure lets go.
we have to take advantage of the opportunities in life because you never know when things will change and we will be looking for a companion to help us get through our loneliness.A very wise friend of mine once told me "loneliness is everything its cracked up to be" and I'm sure she's right.hopefully i will never have to find out.

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Laura said...

Good post Linda as usual. There are some people who just like to know your around but are so busy with their own concerns that they hardly pay attention to you. That is also a lonliness. I see it in children who want just a little of their parents time. They'll do anything to get it. You can be lonely in a house full of people. Yet, some people want to be completely alone. It is their decision. I often feel for the lonely around a holiday, especially those who have shared life with someone and now live in the past with them. Many times its their choice. My cousin lost her husband years ago. She's moved everywhere and still she's alone. And she's still not happy.
Love may not come again. Companionship and friendship sometimes is the only way. One needs to let go and follow its heart. Loneliness is an unnatural state.