Saturday, November 26, 2011

Buy A Gift ..Help An Organization

With all the things to buy this Holiday Season,one of the best things you can do is see how many items you can purchase from places like Church Christmas Fairs or other organisations in need.
Last year this was one of the things I tried to do with most of my gift buying and am hoping to follow through this year.
There are so many small organisations and family businesses that we need to stretch our dollars as far as possible and help those who can really benefit from our spending.
One of my gifts this year is calenders made at our nursing home,some of our patents took art classes and their pictures were photographed and turned into calendars.
All the proceeds go to their activities fund and helps them get items they are in need of.
Things like this become a win,win situation and at $12.00 a piece I have several relatives who would appreciate a lovely,well made calender to hang in their homes.
So this year see how many creative things you can buy with your dollars and spread the wealth...

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