Friday, November 25, 2011

Real Thanksgiving

What did you do on Thanksgiving this year?
I worked and though that may sound sad it really is not.
I have done this line of work for over 20 years and have found being with the lonely is one of the best ways one can spend,a Thanksgiving day.
This year I was invited,three times,by one of my patent's,to come to the main dining room and join he and his wife for this special meal,knowing I probably would not be able to,due to my busy work schedule,I promised to do my best.
My afternoon worked out well and by 1 pm,when I went to the main dining room to get my meal,both he and his wife were still sitting at the table eating their deserts,so I was able to spend 20 minutes sitting,eating and talking to them.
When we where done I thanked them for their invitation and they told me how glad they were that I had been able to join them.
A simple act of sitting at a table,a few minutes out of my day,helped to make a difference and a blessing for all of us.
This time of year many people give of their time and money on this special day doing good for others.
Here in Thompson groups of people get together to do the annual Turkey Dip.Getting up early on this cold Holiday morning,they go to Quadick Lake and literally jump in the water,raising money for the m.s. society.
Some parts of this country people run races to raise money for cancer societies,some feed the poor and needy at community meals,some give away winter coats and some walk the streets to spend time with the homeless handing out food and blankets.
Thanksgiving is a day when we should be grateful for not just our own families but our extended brothers and sisters of the world.
Take the time to spend an hour or so making another person happy,giving of your self to those around around you.
If nothing else go to a lonely or elderly neighbors home and bring coffee and cake and be a friend for an hour,listen to the same stories they tell you a hundred times and act as if its the newest most important story you have ever heard in your life.
Jesus says we should invite to our homes and parties those who can not give back to us like the poor and the lame,then we will understand what the real measure of giving is about.

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