Friday, November 18, 2011

When Necessary Use Words

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words...St.Francis of Assisi

Much of my spiritual life is spent trying to find ways to help those around me.
Last night was our Church annual Thanksgiving Turkey Community Meal.
This year to our delight we had about 100 people in attendance and many of those who came graced us with their home made deserts.
This is always a welcomed sight because when you do good it,like a ripple in a pond, stirs up the waters surface and extends to the outward shores.
Many times when things like this become successful it's hard for those who started the process to step back and take a chance on something else.
It is said that when ever you try to do something new for the first time you get those around you who first agree with you,then second try to talk you out of it and when you prove it can be done,every one wants to jump on board and do it in their own Churches.
Today while at work I was talking to a fellow nurse about how I firmly believe the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi,especially his saying of teaching the Gospel always and when necessary using words.
We spoke about how Jesus never drew as many people to the synagogue as he did to the mountain tops,that most people can not make their way into a Church but can accept fellowship from an informal setting with food and parables.
Seems enjoyment makes for excitement.
No sooner had we finished talking when one of the house keepers came to me and said "you are correct and you keep teaching those words".
It pretty much shocked me that others heard our conversation and felt the words spoken were truth.
We are always worried about how many people,number wise, attend church but forget that those that attend fellowship opportunities,like breaking bread are just as important,if not more so.
Jesus talked about the sick needing a physician not the healthy and in my own life I find it much more comfortable to talk about Religion in simple ways with simple words.
I have never felt closer to God then I do when I feel closest to another human being with words and deeds.
In the Orthodox Faith we like to use lots of flowery words and long prayers,but in the end its all about those we speak to and touch with our daily words and actions.

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