Sunday, November 20, 2011

25 Days To Read The New Testament

Advent is upon us and the birth of Christ is not far off.

This year our priest Fr.Peter has set up a challenge to read the entire New Testament in 25 or 40 days,depending on how much time period one chooses to devote daily.
I have decided to try,no wait,to do the 25 day readings because I'm either an over achiever or a nut case,either way the past 7 days have been filled with great determination,ambivalence and satisfaction.
With 7 to 8 chapters to read a night,this can become one internal roller coaster.
The first two chapter are always started with great enthusiasm and by chapter 4 and 5I'm starting to try to talk my self out of reading any farther,the last three chapters I'm counting the pages and before I give up in disappear its chapter 7 or 8 and I'm not only done but proud of the fact that I completed my task.
Reading has always been a love of mine and reading the Bible always a relaxed situation,but this sort of reading not only does not give you time to reflect but with a deadline in mind to finish can bring out a whole realm of feelings like why am I doing this,I could just quit and do better tomorrow and how will this help me when I'm not fully paying attention?
Fr.Peter tells me that if a group of people take on this challenge good things can come the groups way.
If nothing else good words fill my brain and lets face it,its better then reading or listening to garbage on T.V.
We shall see how this will all work out in the end,maybe our Church will benefit and be blessed and maybe someones life will be enlightened and that is a good thing.
So off I go to read my next 8 chapters and try not to talk my self out of it,any ways this will be a good Christmas gift to myself,once I finish the last page of Revelations.

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