Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Wal Marts in Putnam Conn. opened its doors on Thursday evening at 10 pm so all those people in a hurry to get,what they felt were bargains,bought all night long.
There is just something not so right about this whole Black Friday scenario,a time when we can not even let the settling of our Holiday suppers be done before we rush out and trample each other for that so called "perfect " Christmas gift.
Christmas has become a time of shared greed.
Black Friday plays on this greed by allowing perfectly sane people to become pushy and rude all for the sake of material items which will be forgotten about in several years.
Most people will justify this by saying its a gift for a loved one,but really its our own need to be liked and loved by each other,at least for a fleeting amount of time.
When Jesus was born he received three gifts and very unchild like ones at that.
Frankincense,mur and gold,none of which he could play with but all of which had special meaning in his entire life.
We forget the real reason for Christmas and that is the birth of Christ.
Many people will spend Christmas day in a frenzy trying to open gifts and eat food and will probably never even step one foot in a church nor take a minute to wish Jesus a happy birthday and thank God for his allowing his son to come down into our world,to be treated badly and killed,in order to save us.
Now There is nothing wrong with enjoying the season or buying gifts,the problem comes when that is what we feel is the most important part of this festive season.
Multiple people hate the Holidays and all it entails because they have lost sight of what it's really all about,if more people spent time helping those in need,instead of those in material want,we would be able to understand the true joys of Christmas.
In the up coming month of December people will speak daily about how they have to rush out and buy this and that for family members and friends, because their lives would not be complete without these material items,and we never want to disappoint any one even when we have to almost go into bankruptcy to gain their love and respect.
But how good is love when it must always be bought and months later spent in repayment.
Jesus tells us to store our treasures in heaven not in earthly things that will rust,rot and become moth eaten.
A large amount of things sitting in junk yards,at one time where precious and special in some ones eyes,but like all things in life they tend to lose there luster, so what is important is not the items we buy but the people we love,not the material possessions we buy and give but the heart felt words, hugs and kiss we give out.

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