Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Meaning Of The Season

Recently I read on face book of a priest standing in line at the Post Office and the person in front of him asking for Christmas Stamps but not the religious ones.
O.K. now lets get this straight people,why are you even bothering to celebrate Christmas if you do not believe in the birth of Christ and what he stands for?
Why not just skip the whole Christmas buying,tree decorating,cookie making and gift wrapping and not celebrate it at all,because you missed the whole reason of the season.
Does it offend you and those who are receiving your cards that each of you may have to view a picture of Mary,Joseph and baby Jesus on your postal envelope?
Those who complain about Christmas and its affiliation to religion are the same people who expect to have December the 25TH off and get paid for it.
Maybe the time has come for you to skip the pay and go back to work because like it or not Jesus is the reason for the season and if that offends sorry..
Many people claim to hate Christmas and all it stands for,they say it is depressing and sad,well life is what you make of it and maybe if you spent some time handing out food to the homeless and poor on this upcoming said holiday,you too could realize the real reason of the season and understand how many people have it worse off then you and your perceived issues,so get over your self.
Angry words at this time of year? You bet...
Jesus came into this world to teach us to love God through helping others.
If your sick of the Holiday Season then spend the day visiting those in a Nursing Home,Children's Hospital, or prison and when your done walk into the closest church,get down on your knees and thank God that you are one of the lucky ones.
Christmas is what you make of it,if you put little into it,then you will get little out.
This year instead of complaining try to drop off a canned good or inexpensive toy at a collection box,then you will understand the saying that it is more blessed to give then receive.
In the end its not about what you get but what you are willing to give.
Jesus gave up life for us now what are you willing to give up ?

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Anonymous said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, I mean no offence at all, but Christmas used to be called Yule (predating Christiantity) and was worshipped by the ancestors of pretty much everyone on this planet at one time or another.
The Christian connotations to this holiday where introduced when Romans began invading pagan countries (Rome was once Pagan too), and merged the day of the birth of Christ and Yule to make the transition of pagans into christians easier.
The actual date of the birth of Jesus would be in the spring, closer to Easter (Ostre - Pagan again). It was worked out by students at Cambridge or Oxford University that if they worked backwards from the death of Christ, through his life, his birth would have been in the spring.