Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Less Media Publicity For Killers

Several days ago,in Colorado, it came to light that at a midnight showing of a new batman movie, a person of evil decided to kill 12 innocent people and wound multiple others.
Since Saturday morning,the news media as been filled with this horrible act,not just about those who where the victims,but the shooter himself.
Today is now Tuesday and still this sick individual is the lead story in most news medias.
True what this person did was despicable and horrible and most of us can not even conceive how someone so intelligent,can be so mentally ill.
The problem in this country, is we spend way to much time making this person famous,we worry about what this person looks like,is he mentally ill,what was his childhood like,did he show signs to his neighbors and friends of this behavior and should we enact gun control.
All this does is feed the evil inside this person by giving him what he wants,notoriety.
When things like this happen,maybe we need to say his name once,then never again
No publicity for him,only his victims.
What this person did was wrong and to continually have the media try to search out his behavior only gives him what he craves,attention.
Evil abounds in the world and because of it we will never be safe.
Sick people do sick things but making him important does us as a society no justice.
Everyone is entitled to their day in court and a  good defense,but maybe we need to do it away from the spot light and universal media attention.
Back in the day of old,when someone committed an act of such evil,their name would be stricken off of  everything,as if they never had lived,there was no fame,you were considered evil and your punishment was to be forgotten.
Those who suffered in this tragedy deserve our compassion and concern,the person who performed the evil act needs to face his justice,but not through notoriety.
What he did should not make him greater,it should make him a lesser.

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