Saturday, July 7, 2012

Giving Up Before Even Starting

During the time of the Roman Empire people became so dependent on those around them,like slaves  and their government,they forgot how to be strong and motivated.
Soon the strongest nation in the world was being conquered by a more brutal regime,and wondering what happened.
Today while at the gas station,a gentleman pumping gas was telling the man near him,"I don't know what is wrong with my 19 year old son,he is not even willing to learn how to drive a car and could care less if he ever does."
I hate to admit this but my own 22 year old nephew is feeling the same way,he works part time for Star Bucks and his parents take him  to  and from his place of employment, although he has tried several times to get his license,he seems very happy to not be saddled with this responsibility.
Funny back in the olden days,the mid 1970's,the very first thing I wanted in life was a drivers license.
For me it meant freedom and adulthood.
The idea comes to mind are we raising a group of adults who can't stand the thought of freedom and adulthood? People who feel dependency on their parents,is allot easier then dependency on themselves?
My mother used to say"you help your children,when they are trying to help themselves" but now days I see and hear people complaining about how hard life is and how their children can't possibly make it out there .
When my father was growing up,in the 1940's,he decided that high school was not his thing,so at 13 years of age,he quit school and got a job working in a factory.
Back in his day,growing up in a family of 10 children,there was not much to go around,and if you wanted things you worked at what ever job was given to you,for what ever amount of money your employer chose to pay you.
Then,as today,people from foreign lands, came here with little to no money in their pockets,happy to work at what ever they could get,many taking multiple jobs in order to establish themselves.
Young people now days, just don't want to start at the bottom,they want to educate themselves for years on end then feel they are entitled to the big dollars,even though they have no experience in their field.
Last month more people went on to disability,then jobs were created in the work force.
We will,sadly to say,soon be turning into ancient Rome.
No one wants to start at the bottom and work hard to become one of those so called 1%,its just to hard and we are just to unmotivated.
Instead of climbing the ladder,we are lowering the rungs.
Why pull yourself up,when you can just drag everyone else down.
It becomes a sad ordeal when young people would rather sit in their parents cellar playing video games for hours on end and not even try to be independent adults.
I know most people will say there are no jobs out there,well yes and no,there are jobs but they don't pay well,nor offer allot of hours and require you to do hard,possibly dirty work.
We are lazy and we are raising young adults who are uninspired with little to no work ethic.
People say that all the jobs are being given to seniors and not to young people,why you ask?Because they have a work ethic.
I am in my mid fifties and have come to the conclusion that if there is no more social security for me to retire on,it will be because the younger work force will still be sitting in their parents cellar playing video games,living on disability,because they are to depressed to go to work and someone needs to take care of them.

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