Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bread Of Faith

You never know what will pass through a person mind while sitting in a Church Service,at least that's my perspective.
Today bread filled my head.Not the smell,or the thoughts of eating it,but the loaf it self.
How simple is bread,made with the least,most basic ingredients,but in the end it can become the greatest part of a church service.
True it is the blessing of God and the hands of the Priest that turns the contents of this humble loaf into the body of God,but before that happens,it is constructed by the hands of a simple servant of faith mixing,kneading,cooking and praying through the process that brings about the first steps of its future destination.
Like the preparation of a sacrifice to be offered in the Temple of old,humble yet pure.
Through out the Bible,both old and new testaments,much is said about this product being important for not just life,but praise and thanksgiving.
Something as basic as flour,water,salt and leavening baked into a loaf,brought to a church,then raised up to the heavens in prayer,becomes the body of our dear Savior Jesus Christ.
How great is our Lord that all he ask from us is a product of the Earth,formed by the hands of a servant,offered by a priest,and accepted by the All Mighty.
In the end God created the earth,we produce and grow the products to be offered and glorified to and by God,in humble prayers and with pure gratitude.
Its not about gold or silver,things given to earthly kings,but lowly wheat,water,salt and leaven with and sincerity of heart.

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