Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Church Change

What purpose does the church have and what is its responsibility?
Should it change with the wind,whenever a more popular opinion comes along?or should it stay the course,standing firm in its beliefs, til the bitter end?
Who should point out what is wrong and what is right? the church,the people or society?
Being first Catholic and now Easter Orthodox as always led me to believe that although I may not always agree with the stance of my religion,I know that my faith and its leaders,understand that these are the teachings of Jesus Christ and can not be changed on a fashionable whim.
What happens when a religion chooses a more liberal path,like accepting and embracing say gay marriage,sex change or abortion,are they still in unison with the principles and teachings of God?
Back in the days of Moses,over one thousand laws,rules and regulations where laid out with the Ten Commandments being the most important.
When Jesus came to earth,he was to be the Shepard who brought the lost sheep back into the fold.
He said the rules where made for man,not man for the rules.
To many people where pushed out of the Jewish faith because it became more about the rules and less about the person being burdened.
Does this mean that rules are not important?I say no,but with that comes the understanding that we need to know what is right and wrong,and what is acceptable and not acceptable.
To many churches, now days follow the law of "lets not make people feel uncomfortable or they may leave."
But are people leaving really as important as saving their souls and bringing them to the understanding of God laws and principles.
Jesus himself tells the apostles,when he sends them out into the world,that if people don't want to hear what you have to say, then shake the sand from your sandals and walk away,for this town will be more damned then Saddam and Gomorrah.
The rules of the church should be the teachings of God himself.
Why is it important for the church to put the rules forward and stand behind them?
Back in the days of Moses,it was believed that that the Jewish race was a chosen people,set apart by God himself,to be a holy priesthood,different from the rest of the world.
Today this same principle holds true,we as Christians are chosen to be different,Jesus called us the light of the world and as such the rules hold true not only for we the parishioners,but more so for our Christian Leader, Chuirches and  Institutions.
Yes you must love the sinner,but you must also work with them to gain adulthood into the faith.
We,as individuals, understand where we stand in our faith walk and how and why we do what we do in our daily lives.
But the church can not be so broad,it can  not bend its teachings just to keep the faithful happy and sitting in the pews.
We are not a social club but a faith and to wash down the truth,needed to gain entrance into heaven is not an option for our church leaders.

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