Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giving Away Your Privacy

I'm not sure why so many people are willing, to give away their personal information to anyone in ear shot.
This morning while sitting at my local Honda Dealership,having my oil changed,I became privy to a woman personal conversation,while I and four other people were in the waiting room.
She revealed that she has been unemployed for 2 years,the different places she had applied to,where she worked previously ,what her phone number was, her address,house number,color and exact location on the street her house was located on.
I also know  what happened at her recent job interview,the position she applied for, why she turned down the job and her health issues.
Was I eavesdropping?
No I was actually trying to read a newspaper and avoid what she was saying,basically I was a captive audience,with no where to go.
Recently on T.V. there was a commercial for life lock security,a company to help keep your person information,and accounts from those who would try to steal your identity.They charge you a monthly fee and let you know when someone is trying to use your identity.
While listening to this woman conversation,which went on for over a half hour,it became clear to me that if your concerned about who is doing what with your personal information,maybe you need to be more careful about what you say and who is in ear shot.
If I had been an opportunist,with a shady background there was more volunteered information then I would have needed to know to rob your house,steal your identity and understand your lifestyle.
I'm not sure why people think ,when they are in a public place,everyone around them needs to know information, they would not even give to their closet friends.
Today while reading the newspaper there was an article stating that if you are  sitting in a bar  and have just made a phone call,there is a new app that allows anyone in that bar with you to tap into your face book account and find out all the personal information you  have on it.
Everything  about you can be given away,who you chat with,where you went to school and possibly where you live.All of it gone to a total stranger,with who knows what kind of criminal background.
Many  people today, talk about invasion of privacy but most do not even realize how much information is give away on a daily basis just because of  careless phone use in public places.

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