Tuesday, September 23, 2008

different kinds of prayers

this moring was my day off and i always look forward to laying in bed reading my bible, then my st.francis prayers and thoughts for the day and do some quite prayer and meditation this usually takes me about and hour and i do find it helps me start my day.this morning while meditating i got to thinking about different kinds of prayers and styles.
iam a talk to God kind of person i tell him what i have to say and hopefuly he will ease my mind or give me directions.i beleave you only have to ask God once begging is not needed the answer is either yes or no- repeated praying is really for my need not his.
some people pray the rosary, my fathers mother was a big rosary payer the last few months of her life were spent praying the rosary over and over my mother said she's already in heaven its just her body dosen't know it yet.i never was much of a rosary prayer iam sure there is a reason to do it but im not sure if its to make me feel better.
being orthodox i do the Jesus prayer especially if i wake up during the night i feel this is a good prayer because its a God praising prayer and its an asking for forgiveness prayer.im never sure if God appreciates the fact that i use this prayer to help me go back to sleep, i wonder if he gets annoyed by the constant repeatition.
unfortunately for me iam not an early morning riser.i always thought it must be nice to be in a monestary or convent and have people get up early with you and pray.it must be something to hear all those voices in prayer and song in the quite hours of the morning.
i tease people i know when they tell me they pray early in the morning i tell them did you ever stop to think maybe God likes to sleep in.oh well things to think about

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