Tuesday, September 23, 2008

parish board meeting

tonight my husband is at a church meeting, he is a trustee on the board and once a month he attends these meetings to discuss church finances,upkeep and upcoming events.
these meetings can be very difficult we are an old church trying to transition into a new world.people who are long standing members do not like change and fight against it,i guess has you get older you lose so much in your life change in your church is the last thing you want to see. but change we must or we will cease to exsist.
when i was a teenager i saw how difficult it was for the older people to change when the catholic church decided to modernise these people were lost nothing that they remembered was the same the service changed, the clothes the priest and nuns wore ,the music and even some of the rules like eating fish on friday ( to this day i can still hear my father saying "how can something be a sin one day then alright the next").
its a hard situation and i geuss all we can do is change and try to understand the feels of the people who just are not ready yet. hopefully we as a church are not to far gone and maybe with prayers God will allow us more time.but in the end its up to him and we are only his instruments.

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