Friday, September 26, 2008

less can be better

i was recently reading an article in a magazine about a couple who for one month decided that they and their family would not spend money on anything that was not necessary. they cut their own hair,bought no new clothing, did not eat out , buy coffee or do any entertainment that required them to spend money. the first week was fun, the second week was hard, the third week they became more creative (like making their own board game) and by the fourth week they were sick of it.they said that although it was hard they had learned some very valueable lessons. they could save money,live on less, still be comfortable, increase their creativity and bring their family closer together.they decided that the money they saved would be donated to a food pantry.
we in this country are very wasteful and feel we are entitled to everything we run up debit and have to live in big houses and own expensive cars or we feel we are worthless
my grandparents had ten children and no credit cards if you could not pay cash you did not buy it they did not own their own house but my grandfather worked in a factory then came home to take care of a farm they rented. the children had hand me downs and were lucky to have them.
st.francis beleaved in "open handedness" this means what is given to you is not yours it is on loan when you find someone who needs it more then you its given to that person, st.francis was known to pull the sleeves off his shirt or jacket if he found some one who needed it more then him.
maybe some day our church should ask it parishioners to spend one month not spending any money then contribute what they save to the church or a charity it would be great to try doing this during lent.

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