Saturday, July 20, 2013

Racism Or Lack Of Community Concern

Back in the 1960's race relations were terrible,especially in the deep south.
Being born and raised in Connecticut there was no segregation or hate speech here,because there was no minorities in our town.
The six p.m.nightly news brought to our attention how bad things were in other parts of the country,places we where immuned to.
Because of those times,there arose men  and women of great courage,Martin Luther King,comes to mind.
Today we have a president and leaders like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson,who seem to feel the time as come to relive these days,even though we are living in a different time.
The word racism,seems to keep raising its ugly head.
Yes we still have issues,but if after 60 years we have not,at least in these leaders minds,come to a better state then who as failed who?People say all this is due to lack of jobs,bad neighborhoods,drug problems,guns,violence,people of color being arrested more and given harder sentences then white men and greater amounts of poverty.
From 1960 to 2013 times have changed,greatly.
The new younger generation,those under 40, do not understand how far we have come.This shows how little they know about the past.
Being a female I can honestly say that times for women are so much better then they where even back in the 1970's.
When I was in High  School back in the early 70's,it was unheard of,in my town, for a female to join the track team,there was no equality in sports and girls did not argue about it.Now there would be no such idea.
The problems that seem to be arising isn't about race, its about lack of guidance in communities that do not want to take charge and call people out about real problems in their communities.
Hand outs are easy,drugs are easy,violence is a way of life,for people who do not want to attend school.
All this robs people of the view that hard work and  the potential for achievement and pride in self, go hand in hand.
Its not about race issue,its about community issue.
Several years ago Hillary Clinton,name was put onto a book,called "It takes a village",I'm not much of a Clinton lover but she did have a point.
It's not about social services its about community caring.
I've heard it said,by forty plusers"back when I was growing up,if my neighbor saw me do something wrong,not only would they correct me,but they'd go tell my parents." We have lost this principal of we are one community and we help each other and teach all our children.
Today we allow high paid government agencies and their employees,to do the jobs we,as a neighborhood, should do for our selves.
Most things in life come down to right,wrong,and morals, but many people today,refuse to instill such ideas into our next generations.
In the end this generation of adults becomes our future and at this point that future looks very sad.

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