Saturday, July 6, 2013

Low Bar For Entertainment

Tonight after having a nice supper out with friends,we all went to catch the movie The Lone Ranger.
It was a rather amusing film and after it was finished,we had much to discuss.
Most of our talk centered on all the good shows that where on t.v. back when where children
It could just be my age,but the fact remains that things always seemed better when we where children,as compared to living in our present day and age.
Today most of my t.v. watching consist of fox news and the history channel,mainly because television  just seems poor in taste and style, rather childish and boring.
Comedy now reminds me of high school toilet humor, learning childish words like boob,and using them a million times to see who will laugh.
Comedy back in the day,required talented story tellers,those who understood punch lines,while drama brought with it plot and substance.
Now don't get me wrong some of it was corny,but at least it had  story lines,morals and values.
The trouble is there is no longer any decent content to what we watch anymore.
Even reality shows,have no reality,most of it is written to make one think this is how a group or family of people live their lives,when its more about an idea and how far it can be stretched.
Maybe its a sign of the times and morals have no place in our world.
No longer fine lines of what to cross or not and no right or wrong,an anything goes kind of mentality.
I wouldn't mind the sexual innuendo if the shows had value or merit and what was being said or done was there to enhance a point.
But alas it is not meant to be.
Where are all the gifted people like Bill Cosby or Michael Landon?Those who could compile real humor or story telling,so it was an interesting art form.
Sadly it seems gone,by the  way of the low bar we set for our selves in the entertainment world .

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